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Mayiel's Journal

Live the Moment

22 August

My name is Mariëlle, I'm a 16 year old girl and i come from the Netherlands.
I live on farm together with my parents, my sister isis_pro and my little brother.
I also have an older brother but he doesn't really live here anymore. Atm he's studying in England.
We have 2 cats named Mies and Pukky. They're really sweet and I love'm.
I started watching anime because my sister told me about Fruits Basket.
First I only watched them in English.. and then after I saw one which was English subtitled I could never get used to the English again.
So after that I watched anime for a long time.
I began listening to Japanese music in November. Once
I saw the PV of Weeeek from NewS I immediatly became hooked.
After a little while I even started watching jdrama
(First one i ever saw was Hana Yori Dango and I loved it)
I don't really describe myself as a JE-fan because i'm not really that into it.
they do however grab my attention with their music and they are my main source for Icon Making.
I like the music from: NewS, KAT-TUN and Arashi

Last but not Least
ATM I'm really into making Icons, You can see them on: 5x5graphics
which is a community I share with my sister.
At first the community was only hers but now it is from the both of us
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